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Hypocrisy is rampant in politics but usually the players try to be subtle about it while using fancy language and lies to justify their actions.

Apparently not with Republican Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert, the attention seeking, finger pointing, Trump loving, right wing 36 year old grandma with 4 kids who has preached loud and often about “morality” and how our children are being groomed by LGBTQ activists.

But then while in the middle of divorcing her husband of 20 years, she takes her date, who happens to be the Democratic owner of a popular bar in Aspen that regularly hosts drag shows and other gay themed events, to a kid friendly Beetlejuice concert where they both get high by vaping next to a pregnant woman who asked them repeatedly to stop.

Instead they continue while feeling each other up, taking selfies, and generally making a ruckus the entire time, so much so that the ushers finally had to escort the resistant couple out of the venue while Boebert flipped off the staff for good measure.

The next day when the “Honorable” Representative was called out for her bad behavior, she denied it until a video surfaced showing her true colors.

After getting busted, she felt compelled to apologize.

I wonder if she meant it.

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What's taking Comedy Central so long to drag this brainless primitive??? There's a lot of joke material here!!!

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