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IT COULD HAPPEN....3/26/23

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

We live in perilous times. The leading contender for the 2024 presidential nomination, Donald Trump, faces legal scrutiny in 4 separate jurisdictions, with the possibility that he could be indicted for separate crimes in each of them. And yet, his favorability rating hovers close to 50% in some polls.

Let's assume that Trump is arrested on at least one or more charges, which will be the first time in history that a former president is charged with a crime(s). He will continue to vilify anyone who is involved in the indictment(s) including his opponents who are scared to death to condemn Trump's actions, but instead go after the prosecutors, further eroding our system of justice.

The circus surrounding this event will far surpass any Barnum & Bailey production with the legal process slowing to a crawl, which is part of Trump's modus operandi. Meanwhile the entire spectacle will rivet the nation, dividing us even further.

With all the delays and maneuvers, we're now well into 2024, Trump has clinched the nomination and his trial is in full swing. Then he's convicted right before the election. His supporters rally even louder, Biden stumbles politically, Trump wins the election, and is sentenced to prison just before taking office.

There's nothing in the Constitution that says that someone can't be president while incarcerated.

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