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IT'S NOT EASY....6/30/23

I made a decision a few years ago that if I was going to continue to consume a lot of news, I would balance my sources as best as possible in an effort to try to sort out the truth. I have everything from the Huffington Post to Newsmax on my desktop and at a minimum, I try to at least check the headlines now and then to see what each is featuring. The podcasts I listen to range from far right to far left, and everything in between. I have several online subscriptions ranging from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, I read several blogs, and I have never watched cable television. Dry Bar Comedy is often where I find relief from the craziness.

I also watch a lot of YouTube, which ought to be renamed, "Rabbit Hole TV" because of it's algorithms. I actually like the fact that most of what shows up are old folk and country music videos, which are real people singing and playing real music. I also know that a lot of rabbit holes are filled with nothing but conspiracy theories and nonsense, which if that's what floats someone's boat, that's all they see. You can watch people talking all day long about how the Earth is flat.

One of my favorite podcasts is called, "The Politics Guys", which are civil conversations between a left of center liberal and a right of center conservative. Comments like, "Republicans hate our country" or "Democrats hate our country", which I hear regularly on other feeds, are not helpful and serves to divide us even further.

Sure we all have our biases based on our life experiences, but that shouldn't preclude each of us from trying our best to understand all sides of an issue.

At least I make an attempt.

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