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IT'S ONLY MONEY....7/31/23

It’s alleged that Donald Trump’s multiple lawyers are each charging anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000 per hour defending the former president against 74 criminal counts in the 2 cases where he’s been indicted so far.

The January 6th inquiry by the Special Prosecutor and the election interference inquiry by the Attorney General in Georgia are likely to bring dozens more.

The former president has spent $56 million defending himself and his associates since leaving office, which is a meager sum compared to what he will spend before it’s all over.

So where does this money come from? Certainly not the billionaire’s pockets. Each time there’s a new indictment, Trump fund-raises off the news, with small dollar donations of $5, or $10, or $20, or $50, or more forwarded to Save America, his PAC.

I’m guessing it’s a stretch for many of these donors, but they continue to fork over their hard earned cash. More money will roll in as indictments pile up.

A new poll that came out yesterday shows Trump crushing his rivals by 37%, indicating that he will likely be the Republican nominee for president again.

He said last week that he will not step down even if he’s convicted.

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