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IT'S TIME....10/30/23

6 years ago I visited the National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia. This is a sprawling, upscale facility showcasing around 17,000 guns worth more than $100 million. The museum is owned and operated by the National Rifle Association.

I went there out of curiosity, mainly to try to understand America's history with guns and it's undeniable infatuation with them.

This picture I took through the glass shows a display of semi-automatic firearms called "America's Rifle" which includes a copy of the exact weapon used to massacre 60 people and injure over 400 more in Las Vegas just a few weeks before my tour.

This gun is the weapon of choice for mass shooters because of it's ability to rapid fire and its accommodation of high capacity magazines, and has been used in most of the high profile killings over the past 20 years.

Robert Card used an AR15 on his 31 victims, 18 of whom died, in Lewiston, Maine last week.

It's time to reinstate President Clinton's 1994 Assault Weapons ban. These instruments of death have no place in a civil society.

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