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JUST LET ME BE ME....11/2/23

It could be argued that the new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson once knowingly or unknowingly, supported teen suicide.

Here’s why.

Earlier in his career, Johnson worked with Exodus International, a group founded in 1976 with the aim of convincing gay kids not to be gay by using religion as a main force to “convert” them.

This so-called “conversion therapy” caused attempted and actual suicide to spike from 11% to 28% of LGBTQ youth who went through the program.

Exodus shut down in 2013 with the founder apologizing for the hurt he had caused kids. One of the former Executive Directors of the group now lives as a gay man.

Because of the high risk associated with the practice, it is now illegal in many states, but is still widespread in others, and throughout the world.

But Speaker Johnson no doubt still believes you can “pray away the gay” and is quoted as saying, “homosexual behavior is something you do, it’s not something that you are.”

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