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WORDS MATTER....5/10/23

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

A man with Nazi tattoos and an “RWDS” (right wing death squad) patch on his vest went on a shooting rampage with a legally purchased AR-15 on Saturday at a mall in Allen, Texas resulting in the deaths of 8 people.

The shooter, Maurico Garcia, recently wrote this on a Russian social media site: “A lot of the stuff going on in f**cking clown world. You better believe their wouldn’t be we’ll convert your children drag queen story hour loser’s running around loose. No communist or liberal fake news media under Hitlers watch”. 

Mr. Garcia was kicked out of the Army 3 months after he enlisted for odd and erratic behavior….but he could still buy a gun in Texas.

So where’s the link? Always looking for an issue to enrage their base, 14 states have recently passed laws in Republican held legislatures restricting drag shows.

Never mind that this form of entertainment has been around for centuries and unlike guns, has never caused any deaths.

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