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Updated: Jan 13

Blogging is no different than keeping a diary, I suppose....or a calendar....or taking pictures and posting them on social media. I really don't have a sense of direction where this is going other than to write things down as they come for an audience of, That would be me but if anyone else wants to take a look into my head, be my guest.

It's all part a series of legacy projects to mark my tiny, infinitesimally small duration on this Planet Earth. How much time do I have left? Who knows....I recently spent about 3 years writing down stories about my life and perspectives on things in my book, "Pig Surgery....", then I went through about 20K pictures and organized them in files with many more waiting to be looked at, and now (again) I'm taking a serious look at all my shit and trying to decide what to hang on to and for how much longer. Will anyone really care? It's not like I'll have a Kevin Fristad Library someday where all my stuff goes to live and where tourists will want to come and see my worn out blue jeans.

In the end, "nothing matters very much and very few things matter at all" as noted on a small piece of paper taped to a chunk of interesting wood that I've kept on my desk for many years.

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