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Updated: Jun 16, 2023

As if the forced separation of children from their parents who crossed the border during the Trump Administration was not enough, it’s just been revealed that a number of children who were natural born citizens of the US were kidnapped as well.

It’s estimated that around 5,500 kids, some as young as just a few weeks, were forcibly taken from their parent's arms and sent away in an effort to demonstrate to would-be immigrants that they would lose their kids too if they tried to cross the border illegally. A similar idea was briefly discussed during the Obama Administration but was immediately dismissed due its inhumane nature, but a few years later Trump officials actually implemented the program which drew widespread condemnation before it was terminated. By then it was too late.

While the Biden Administration is making an effort to re-unite the children who were brutally taken away, many have not been found and are lost in the system. Because the family separations were conducted so swiftly and recklessly, accurate records were not kept and as a result, some of these children may never see their parents again.

I can’t think of any other policy initiative in recent years that was more diabolical.

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