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READY TO LIE....6/25/23

The Republican National Committee has backed itself into a corner by forcing many of its presidential candidates to lie.

One of the requirements for those seeking the nomination is that in order to participate in the first debate coming up on August 23, they'll have to sign a pledge saying they will support the eventual nominee.

Asa Hutchinson has tried to get them to change the rule, but it didn't go well with the argument devolving into a shouting match. The committee says they won't change their minds and Hutchinson says he won't sign a document supporting a convicted felon if that's how things turn out.

Trump signed a loyalty oath when he was running for President in 2016 but then later broke that promise (of course). He says he won't vow to support another candidate in this election either if it's not him. But he'll no doubt sign anyway....even without crossing his fingers behind his back.

Chris Christie said he'll sign just so he can get on the debate stage but that's all and said won't support Trump if he's the nominee.

Other candidates won't say what they're going to do, but they too will eventually have to lie if they want to debate.

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