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LET'S CATCH 'EM....11/7/23

Covenant Eyes is an app that monitors all of the activity on a person’s cell phone and then reports that activity directly to a designated monitor or chaperone.

This app, and others like it, are very popular with some churches in that priests or pastors can act as an “accountability partner” to ensure that their parishioners are not engaging in immoral activity such as viewing pornography.

This technology has become a hot tool for those who teach gay conversion therapy by having a young person who is struggling with his or her sexual identity, for example, download the app on their phone so the “counselor” can then see what the kid is doing with his spare time.

The minute they spot any reference to sex or homosexuality, the monitor can then call the young man or woman and shame them into "behaving".

Mike Johnson, the new Speaker of the House, admitted publicly last year that he and his 17 year old son used this technology to monitor each other’s porn usage.

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