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Deer are the deadliest wildlife in America, killing over 400 drivers each year by jumping in front of moving vehicles.

Fortunately my 2 strikes resulted in the death of just the deer and not me. My mother was a survivor as well, but the damage to her car was extensive.

36 million of these wild beasts roam the country causing close to 2 million collisions each year, over $1 billion in property damage, and 70% of wildlife crop losses.

Much of the harm caused by these pests could be mitigated by issuing far more licenses to private hunters, or by allowing the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to harvest these animals in a controlled program with the meat donated to food co-ops, which is currently illegal.

It wouldn’t solve the problem of the 34 million people in this country who are food insecure, but it would help while at the same time perhaps save a few lives along the way.

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