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LOOK AT MY NEW JET!....10/20/23

Jesse Duplantis, a famous televangelist with a net worth of around $50 million, said awhile back that the reason Jesus hasn’t returned yet is because his followers haven’t coughed up enough money.

He then implored people to dig deep into their wallets and share their hard earned cash with him so Christ's return could be hastened.

Duplantis preaches what’s known as the Prosperity Gospel, a brand of Christianity that supports the notion that rich people are favored by God and that the more money you have (and presumably the more you give to your favorite preacher like him), the more apt you are to be saved.

A few years ago Preacher Jesse was pummeled for begging his followers to help pay for a new $54 million jet he was eyeing.

This would have been his 4th private plane.

He defended himself by saying that he couldn’t fly commercial because those airplanes were full of demons.

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