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LOVE ME - LOVE MY DOG....9/6/23

When our daughter was young, we bought her a Golden Retriever for her birthday. She was our only child so a canine companion made sense. We did our best to make sure Rosie behaved around others.

I have nothing against dogs but I have a lot against irresponsible dog owners.

How many of us have inadvertently stepped in a pile of dog shit, climbed into the car, turned on the heater, and then gotten hit with a vomit inducing odor so bad you came close to veering off the road and into a utility pole?

Or how many of us have been kept awake by the neighbor dogs barking for hours on end in the middle of the night to where all you wanted to do was to sneak over and toss a couple of strychnine laced T-bones over the fence to quiet them down?

Or how many of us have had a brand new pair of rubber boots ripped open by a dog that’s likely been beaten and then is taking it out on someone else rather than its owner because it doesn’t want to be beaten some more?

I’ve experienced them all and that’s why I’m tempted to hate dogs.

But that would not be logical.

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