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MUG SHOT....8/26/23

Trump's mug shot got me thinking that maybe I can make a little extra money in my retirement. Do you think this old one will work or do I need to go out and do something bad to make it official?

Let's see, what can I do that will get me a genuine government picture....

I don't write checks anymore so no way to bounce one. Lying isn't a crime as we've seen so many times these last few years, so that won't work either. I wonder if I go out and turn right on red when the sign says not to if that will do it? Maybe I could go to Langley in the middle of the night in just my shorts and start screaming like an imbecile at the top of my lungs for no apparent reason?

Or perhaps I could simply try to destroy democracy? Now there's an idea....

My mind is already buzzing about what kinds of things I can put my mug shot on.

Pillowcases? Would anyone enjoy sleeping on my face? Or better yet - towels! People could wipe their own mug with mine after sending me 50 bucks! Oh and how about a dozen rolls wait a minute, not that.....

Absurdity doesn't begin to describe the madness....

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