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MY BAD....12/5/23

With the death of Henry Kissinger last week, I had a thought.

What if obituaries for all presidents and higher up officials began with the bad things the deceased had done during their lives?

Lyndon Johnson’s eulogy would have included lying to us about our chances of winning the Viet Nam War (there was no chance and he knew it).

Kissinger’s of course would start with his secret bombing of Cambodia and Laos, and then ALSO covering up the fact that we were losing the war but stayed in it anyway, causing the unnecessary deaths of thousands of American soldiers.

Nixon’s memorial would have begun with the Watergate break-in, and Reagan’s and George H.W. Bush’s would have been prefaced by their illegal Iran-Contra dealings.

George W. Bush’s chief testimonial would be lying us into the Iraq quagmire with his “weapons of mass destruction” nonsense.

And Donald Trump’s? That obit would take days to read - and that’s just the bad part.

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