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Russell Moore is a prominent Evangelical who resigned from the Southern Baptist Convention a couple of years ago because he felt the group had veered too far to the right, particularly with its tolerance for White Nationalists among its ranks.

He contends that the message of Jesus Christ has become so skewed that religion is in a crisis.

According to Moore, a lot of preachers can no longer talk about the "Sermon On the Mount" where Jesus teaches his followers to “turn the other cheek”, without getting blow-back.

People come up to them afterward and ask something like, “where did you get those liberal talking points”, and when the pastors say it’s a direct quote from Christ himself, the response is generally that Jesus is too weak and that his approach doesn’t work anymore.

Apparently they’ve found a new “Prince of Peace” in the former president who once held up a Bible (upside down) in front of St. John’s Church near the White House, while demonstrators were clubbed and tear-gassed nearby to make way for his photo op.

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