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NO OTHER CHOICE....6/14/23

Usually when someone files a lawsuit against another person, it’s because they have a legitimate grievance that can’t be settled amicably out of court.

If the lawsuit is frivolous, a judge will usually dismiss the case and then chastise, or even fine the accuser.

So when someone has had well over 4,000 lawsuits filed against him for a variety of reasons over the course of his career (that have not been tossed out), you have to wonder what kind of person would piss off that many people to the point of them having to go to court to seek justice.

Well that person is Donald J. Trump.

From the hundreds of contractors who have been stiffed, to the dozen or more women who’ve accused him of sexual assault, to the unpaid taxes he’s owed, to the campaign finance laws he’s violated, to his 2 impeachments as President, and now to his 2 indictments and counting - the former President continues to prove his unworthiness to hold the highest office in the land.

Yet millions of people still love the man and plan to vote for him on November 5, 2024 if he wins the nomination….even if he’s in jail.

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