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For many years I’ve believed that we’ve been visited by extraterrestrial aircraft and intelligent beings, that we have physical evidence of alien spacecraft in our possession, and that governments around the world have been covering up these alien visits and artifacts for decades.

It turns out I’m right.

David Charles Grusch, a 14 year veteran Intelligence Officer with a Top Secret Clearance was part of a task force in the Dept. of Defense charged with getting to the bottom of what are now called “unidentified anomalous phenomena,” or UAP.

He has recently come forward under the Whistleblower Protection Act with his findings confirming the existence of retrieved objects that are “of exotic origin based on the vehicle morphologies and material science testing and with the possession of unique atomic arrangements and radiological signatures.”

Grusch’s claims have been corroborated by other high level intelligence professionals in the task force who have labeled him “beyond reproach” given his impeccable credentials.

He goes on to say that we are engaged in furious reverse-engineering efforts, and suggests that this “eighty-year arms race” should not continue in secrecy because it “further inhibits the world populace to be prepared for an unexpected, non-human intelligence contact scenario.”

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