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I spent my four years of high school at a Lutheran boarding academy in South Dakota where Christian principles were the dominant theme, both inside and outside the classroom.

Among my favorite classes was “Current Events” where we discussed issues of the day.

Each student was given a subscription to Time magazine and our weekly assignments regularly included reporting on important events, and then discussing them without interference.

Mr. Meachum taught us to be free thinkers and encouraged debate across a wide spectrum.

Now Kristi Noem, the current Governor of South Dakota and a potential Vice Presidential pick by Donald Trump in the 2024 election, is leading a charge to amend the state curriculum to include phrases like, “debating current political positions or partaking in political activism at the bequest of a school or teacher does not belong in a K-12 social studies class.”

With new guidelines that have been issued for classrooms throughout the country, teaching a student how to write to their elected representative to express their views is not allowed.

It appears that my so-called “Christian” education in the 60’s would be considered liberal by today's standards.

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