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OH, BOY....12/31/23

This past year has been a doozy.

Kevin McCarthy became the first person in history to get fired from his role as House Speaker after winning the job on the 15th round, and then serving for only 9 months.

Mike Johnson, who took his place, is likely the first Speaker who believes that dinosaurs piled into Noah’s Ark right along with humans.

Things got so bad for George Santos that he became the first Congressperson ever to get expelled before even being convicted of a crime.

Tommy Tubberville thought he could strong-arm the Pentagon, but lost his fight and came away with nothing, proving that football coaches are no match for professional soldiers.

Lauren Boebert had to be escorted out of a family friendly theater for getting high by vaping and making out with her date at a concert.

Bob Menendez got caught with with a bunch of gold bars that he allegedly received as bribes from the Egyptian government.

And then finally, the 2020 election is still stolen 3 years later according to Donald J. Trump, who in the meantime picked up 91 felony charges.

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Dec 31, 2023

Yes, if the past history of 2023 (and the past decade) is prologue, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Your prescient intuition and insights are greatly appreciated. Finding a tactful way to educate those who gullibly plunge into the shallow end of the politics pool is no easy challenge.

I don’t often shop at a crowded mall, but my family was taking advantage of clearance sales yesterday. I noticed a shopper wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with Ol” Glory, and the admonition, “If you don’t respect this Flag, I’ll be happy to help you pack and leave.”

I was tempted to approach him to ask if he needed my assistance in expressing his sentiments to our former oath-breaking, con-artist president. But …

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