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OH BOY, THAT'S A LOT....10/10/23

We're living in perilous times.

- Our chief ally in the Middle East was brutally attacked by a terrorist organization and although the planning took months, our intelligence community is apparently so flawed that no one saw it coming

- Elected officials are divided more than ever (what's new) over Israeli / Palestinian allegiance

- The House of Representatives is in a shambles with no permanent Speaker after the former one was tossed out because of a personal grudge.

- Government funding runs out in about 5 weeks

- A single senator is still holding up over 300 military promotions because of a policy dispute, which is now jeopardizing readiness

- The freedom of Ukraine hangs in the balance because of growing nationalism in WADC with the virtual certainty that Russia becomes emboldened if it declares victory

- The leading candidate for the GOP nomination for president is under multiple indictments

- And finally, it seems that most people feel like the current president, and leading candidate for the Democratic nomination, is too old to serve.


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