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You’re right - I’m wrong.

For some people, it’s virtually impossible to say these words.

I worked with a kitchen designer years ago who had asked me to build an interior feature a certain way, and when I did just that, she accused me of ignoring her directive.

When I showed her in her own handwriting that she had indeed instructed me to do what I had done, she denied it with no rational excuse - only that it wasn’t her.

I was aghast at her denial and in my louder than normal response of, “LOOK, THAT’S YOUR WRITING”, only made things worse.

This incident so reminds me of a certain presidential candidate running for office again after losing his re-election, and 3 years later still can't admit it.

We should have known what we were up against when on the very afternoon of his very first day as president, he boasted about the crowd size at his Inauguration, saying it was bigger than Obama’s.

Actual photographs of the 2 events proved him wrong, but that didn’t matter. His ego allowed him no other recourse.

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