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Updated: Jun 17, 2023

One of the most unsettling developments in recent times has been the hijacking of medicine for political purposes. Not only have various treatments for COVID 19 become highly politicized, including vaccines and the efficacy of mask wearing to prevent contagion, a Trump appointed judge in Texas ruled last week that the F.D.A approved drug, mifepristone, had to be removed from the market. It’s one of two drugs that is administered to induce an abortion and is now the preferred method over surgery.

Republicans have long complained about judges “legislating from the bench”, but here’s a breathless example of one of their own doing the same thing. The activist judge in the case, Matthew J. Kacsmaryk was “shopped” by groups filing the case because of his vehement and longstanding opposition to abortion.

If the conservative Supreme Court upholds this decision, it sets a dangerous precedent that may politically target other drugs that have been used safely and effectively for years.

Imagine someday a rogue judge decides that the 50 million women who currently use birth control pills can no longer access them, or that Viagra can no longer be used because if causes a temporary deformity in men.

This ruling by Judge Kacsmaryk is no less ludicrous.

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