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POLLS SUCK....2/4/23

The latest series of Trump popularity polls show a 30% difference in how likely he might become the presidential nominee for the 2024 race. That's right - a 30% spread, which means these surveys are essentially useless and are nothing more than fake news fodder designed to excite or disappoint depending on a person's preferences. They sell ads though, which is the intent.

Everybody including Trump thought he was going to lose the 2016 race and look what happened. Michael Moore was the only celebrity pundit who got it right. That should have ended polling in its tracks but millions of dollars continue to flow to those useless game-playing firms who think they can predict the future.

The bottom line is that no one can get a handle on what's really going on because people like me won't participate - whether it's online or in a phone call. I don't trust them and neither should you.

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