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Updated: Jan 27

Republicans seem to be obsessed with what's between a person's legs than what's between their ears. A law banning gay sex is still on the books in Texas and the Attorney General there is ready and willing to defend it in court if the issue comes up again. These lawmakers spend more time fretting on the LGBTQ community than they do on childhood hunger or homelessness. Oh and they're fine with a big, heavily tatooed, bearded trans man with a log chain dangling from his waist going into a women's bathroom to pee just because he happened to be born a woman. Never mind that he doesn't have a dick.

With all this talk among the right about morality, you'd think that they'd be squeaky clean when it comes to sex scandals, but no. It turns out that Republicans get caught with their pants down far more than Democrats and have to go before the cameras crying for forgiveness while their wives stand there scowling.

The scary part is when you realize that conservatives have a lot more kids than progressives - presumably because they think birth control is the work of the devil. Let's hope their kids grow up with a little more common sense than their parents.

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