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Last week Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy gave Tucker Carlson, the deranged firebrand from Fox News, over 41,000 hours of footage of activities associated with January 6th, 2020 at our nation's Capitol. The word is that these tapes weren't even vetted by authorities to ensure that national security issues were not compromised.

Now Tucker and his cronies have gone to work and have begun airing snippets of that day showing protesters casually strolling down the halls of the Capitol, while the moderator says shit like, "nothing to see here folks - these guys were just minding their own business".

The right has started rebranding the insurrection as nothing more that a peaceful, polite march of those who wanted to air their grievances. Riot? What riot? Those pictures were all fake.

None of the GOP 2024 presidential aspirants will discuss the events of Jan. 6th - they just want it to go away and Tucker Carlson is doing all he can to make sure that happens.

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