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It’s well known that the CIA tortured prisoners in overseas jails after the September 11, 2001 attacks, using what would become among the most the notorious practices of all - waterboarding.

Other methods included but were not limited to: beatings, binding up in stressful positions for long periods of time such as confinement in tight coffin-like boxes with lids, hooding, subjugation to loud music like Queen’s, “We Are the Champions” through headphones at full volume for 30 hours or more, sleep deprivation, starvation, holding back of water, denying critical medical care to those who were injured during their torment, and threatening harm to their families like raping their daughters or cutting the throats of their mothers.

The polite phrase that was used for these acts was “enhanced interrogation techniques” , which were all approved by the George W. Bush Administration and defended publicly by Vice President, Dick Cheney.

Now a new form of torture has just come to light that was used long after many of those above were exposed, and that’s what’s known as “rectal dehydration”. Guards would insert a syringe in the prisoners rectum and inject what was supposedly a nutritional supplement, masquerading as a medical procedure. In effect it was brutal rape and sexual humiliation. Besides that, everything that was inserted was expelled, so the process was bogus from the beginning.

These acts were all designed to get the prisoners to talk, but in retrospect, none of it worked. Tortured people told their captors what they wanted to hear whether it was truthful or not.

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