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SAY WHAT?....8/2/23

If I was an honest, hard working, blue collar young man and one of my favorite billionaire politicians gave me a call and said, “Hey Kevin, can you chip in 25 bucks to help me pay for my wife’s hairdresser?”, I would have to think twice about it.

“Why should I help him pay for her shampoo and curlers when I can barely afford to buy them for my own wife?”, I might ask myself. “What’s next, is he gonna call and ask me to help pay for his boxer shorts?”

But then after thinking about it further, I’d probably get out my credit card and send him the dough anyway because that’s how much I love the guy.

Well it turns out that Donald Trump’s PAC Save America paid a “consultant” $260,000 in donated campaign cash since 2022, when in fact the dude, Hervé Pierre Braillard, was Melania’s stylist.

This grifted money was part of the $40 million the group spent on "legal fees" during that time and now the PAC is running out of cash so the directors are begging for more.

Part of me can’t help but feel sorry for all those young men who are being duped.

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