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Updated: Feb 11

The annual State of the Union Address by the president of the United States has largely become a charade with politicians using the occasion by grandstanding any way they can: from Rep. Joe Wilson shouting "you lie" to Obama during his 2009 speech; to Republicans or Democrats sitting silently while the other side jumps up and wildly claps to a partisan proposal; to Trump presenting the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh in 2020; or to George Santos inviting a 911 volunteer as his guest to the 2023 address when the Congressman lied about his mom being a victim.

This address is just one more archaic exercise that has outlived its usefulness, and like the entire Senate itself, ought to be abolished. Political train wrecks are everywhere and sadly I can't take my eyes off them. I've watched almost every SOTU for more than 40 years and still find them silly.

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