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Countries have been spying on each other for centuries and China's big fat balloon that people discovered hovering over Montana yesterday is just another attempt by them so see what we're up to. You'd think they would have tried to get our secrets the old way like sending over a few prostitutes to climb in bed with Senators and Congressmen and get them to tell all. Besides there are satellites that are more accurate than a balloon full of helium with cameras mounted on the bottom so I wonder what the point was other than to piss us off. Apparently you could see this thing from the ground. .

Some of the right wing loonies thought we should have shot the invasive aircraft down but the Pentagon was afraid the pieces would fall on people's heads so they didn't. The Secretary of State even postponed his planned trip to China because of the brouhaha.

It's all so dumb. We should just tell the Chinese that our balloons are bigger than their balloons and get on with it.

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