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Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Yesterday the Trump campaign launched an ad on Social Media and on TV showing an actor ostensibly playing Ron DeSantis eating chocolate pudding with his fingers. Rumor has it that he did just that on a recent flight.

The ad went on to admonish DeSantis to keep his sticky fingers off Social Security and Medicare, but no one will remember the purported message. They’re most likely going to equate a disgusting act with the man himself, although while true in my opinion, isn’t exactly fair. But who said anything about politics being fair?

Viewers might also think twice about shaking Ron’s hand on the rope line when he comes to town - or for that matter, borrowing Amy Klobuchar’s comb.

This ad is part of a $4.5 million buy, which is peanuts compared to the $16 billion that the 2022 races cost - and those were midterms! The 2024 campaigns are expected to cost far more and much of the money will be spent for ads like this.

So why do candidates run them? Because they work. And the meaner, the better.

That says a lot about the electorate, doesn't it....

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