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STOP IT NOW....11/4/23

As if the people of the United States were not divided enough, we now have an issue that threatens to tear us apart even more, and that's how to deal with the conflict in Gaza.

Massive marches and demonstrations are being held this weekend on both sides with reminiscences of the Vietnam War, and things don't look good for either side.

While I understand the rage the Israelis feel for what happened to them during the Holocaust, and then again for the attack a few weeks ago, that doesn't give them license to indiscriminately kill innocent women and children by starving them to death or by dropping bombs on them.

We did the same thing in Vietnam and then went on to lose the war. Israel may kill all the bad guys, but in the process is creating enemies to last for generations. Well over 10,000 people have been killed so far on both sides.

It's time for a total and complete cease fire until people come to their senses.

Both sides have made their point.

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