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Updated: Jan 16

My hunch is that most people who think they know me see a reasonably balanced, good natured, kind individual who works hard, does his best, and generally gives people the benefit of the doubt.

Not so with politicians. Sure, some of them are good and morally intact, but the machine they are a part of is so broken that in order to survive, many of them must literally sell their souls. The thing is, they are the ones who are in a position to change things but they are either too impotent, too greedy, or too dumb to know right from wrong. Their main job, once they get into office, is to stay there no matter what it takes - to lie, cheat, steal, lash out at perceived "enemies", call them names - whatever.

This is where my patience ends, and I can easily get caught up in this same hateful, blame-the-other-guy rhetoric that's tearing our nation apart. I'm trying harder and harder not to as it only feeds the same vicious animal. Even though it's an elusive virtue, kindness is one of the most important words in all of language.

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