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I‘ve never lost my temper to where I felt like I had to break something, but if I do someday, there’s now a place I can go to deal with it.

Rage Rooms are sprouting up all over the country. They’re filled with old TV’s, pottery, glassware, flimsy furniture, computers, and more - anything that’s easily destroyed using baseball bats, crowbars, and sledgehammers - all of which are issued to paying customers having meltdowns.

Leave it to capitalism and entrepreneurship - if there’s a demand, someone will likely be there to fill the gap. Interest in Rage Rooms has grown 81% in the last year alone.

Americans are stressed out. 25% of adults rate their stress level between 8 and 10.

And it’s killing 'em.

120,000 people die each year from stress that can cause heart disease, lung ailments, cancer, liver cirrhosis, accidents, and suicide - and it carries with it an annual cost of $190 billion.

So maybe those who lose it regularly ought to consider turning that extra bedroom into a rage room where they can go have at it when their favorite team looses the next football game.

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