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THE FUTURE IS NOW....10/18/23

40 years ago, my friend Bill Bakaleinikoff built a robot named “Robot Redford” that his assistant controlled remotely using a joystick while Bill spoke into a hidden microphone with the sound seemingly coming from the robot itself.

They hired out to fairs, conventions, corporate events, and private gatherings as a novel attraction.

Both man and machine made history in 1983 when the robot became the first ever to deliver a commencement address at a college in Maryland. All 3 of the major networks featured the story on its prime time news.

Now you can hire “Ameca”, a humanoid that can be pre-programmed to interact, sing, tell jokes, maintain eye contact, and converse all on its own.

Check it out:

Some day soon these "people" will be walking among us unnoticed.

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