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THE GIFT OF MUSIC....4/13/23

Updated: May 31

I've had a strong affinity for music since I can remember. My mother told me once that she would sometimes put a radio in my crib to help me settle down so maybe that's part of the reason. A few years later I discovered an old banjo in my grandpa and grandma's attic and strummed it any chance I could get. It belonged to my great grandfather and now hangs on my wall.

I started taking piano lessons when I was around 10, but also bought a new transistor radio which became my most prized possession. KOMA from Oklahoma City was my friend and singing in church was the best part of going. I still treasure the familiar hymns.

After my dad bought a television, we watched the Lawrence Welk Show, Hee Haw, Ed Sullivan, Sing Along with Mitch, and of course, American Bandstand. Later on I rarely missed an episode of the Smothers Brothers Comedy hour. The Beatles changed my life.

Subsequently I began collecting records, cassette tapes, and CD's, which number over a thousand recordings. I'll probably never listen to most of them again but can't bear to part with them.

My college roommate had a guitar and after I taught myself how to play "House of the Rising Sun", I was hooked. I bought my own a couple of years later but never really excelled until I retired and had more time. Then about 10 years ago my daughter bought me a really nice instrument, which prompted me to seriously focus on music by practicing, arranging songs, and jamming with others.

Now I'm part of a folk trio with a full summer of appearances scheduled and have never felt more gratified.

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