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THE POWER OF FEAR....10/4/23

A never ending fascination of mine is how durable Donald Trump’s standing is among Republicans, many of whom are good and decent people.

Now that the former president is cornered both legally and financially, his behavior is becoming more dangerous and volatile, yet his die hard supporters show no sign of abandoning him in spite of Trump:

- Accusing the former Joint Chiefs of Staff of treason, which is punishable by death

- Suggesting that the judge currently trying him for tax fraud should be disbarred and criminally prosecuted, while at the same time attacking the judge’s clerk

- Calling the New York Attorney General a racist and a monster

- Labeling the special prosecutor leading the investigation into Jan. 6 a deranged psycho crackhead

- Mocking Nancy Pelosi’s husband after he was nearly beaten to death by an intruder

- Calling for shoplifters to be shot on sight


- And finally preferring to be electrocuted by a boat battery rather than being eaten by a shark

….to name a few.

Meanwhile the lives of hundreds of Trump’s perceived enemies are being threatened daily.

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