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Abortion is a painful subject no matter how you look at it. Feelings are strong with many people on the absolute-pro-choice side of the issue or the anti-abortion-at-all-costs side.

But then if you remove the emotional aspect, which is all but impossible for those extremists, there’s the common-sense side.

Take the case of a 13 year old girl who recently delivered a baby after she was raped by a stranger in her front yard. One of Mississippi’s rare exceptions in its law banning abortion requires that a rape be filed with the police before an abortion can be considered.

But the traumatized seventh grader didn’t even know what had happened and told no one. Eventually she showed signs and was tested, but at that point it was too late and the exception rule no longer applied.

After the Supreme Court turned abortion over to the states, the last abortion clinic in Mississippi closed and the girl’s mother couldn’t afford the nine hour drive to the closest clinic in Chicago where the procedure was legal.

This young girl is one of 25 million women of potential child bearing age who now live in states with severe abortion restrictions.

Yes, common sense is too often elusive and women all over the country are now paying the price - and sometimes it’s the ultimate price because of Dobbs.

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