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THEY ALL KNOW....1/14/23

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Jeff Flake, the former Republican Senator from Arizona who was chased out of office by Donald Trump, said in 2019 that at least 35 Republican senators would have voted to remove him from office during one or both of the president's impeachment hearings if they could have voted in private. This is far more than was needed to convict the president at his trials. Instead those politicians chose to keep their mouths shut so as not to alienate Trump supporters who they needed for their re-elections.

This, more than anything else short of climate change, is the most dangerous situation facing our country. And that is for our elected representatives to deny the results of a free and fair election. Once we've lost the confidence in our system, all bets are off.

The phenomenon of Trumpism is real in that millions of people have bought into his anger based, vitriolic assault on our institutions that are a result of his fragile ego and self-loathing. Retribution for anyone or anything that crosses him is paramount and Trump will kill to get the upper hand.

Let's hope that the vast majority of Americans sees the light before it's too late.

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