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It was like listening to announcers at a gladiator fight last night. They anticipated blood, but instead they ended up watching a few of the fighters only get bruised. I could tell they were disappointed.

This was the mood of the press before and after the 3rd debate among 5 of the Republican candidates for the 2024 presidential nomination.

Prior to the debate they were salivating at how the participants would pound each other and what each needed to do to emerge victorious.

But since the debate was rather civil and somewhat substantive for a change, the press had very little to talk about afterward except for Nicki Haley's 5" heels and how she threatened to use them as ammunition against her attackers.

Had Trump been there, they would have gotten what they wanted - blood, guts, and gore, all of which makes them a lot of money.

Oh my how they must have missed him....

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