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Republicans desperately tried to nail Hillary Clinton to the wall for using her own server and erasing her personal emails but they could never come up with any illegal wrongdoing.

Boy that made them mad.

Now after months of investigating Hunter Biden and his relationship with his old man, they’re mad that they still have no proof of criminality, and have been clamoring for the Justice Dept. to appoint a Special Prosecutor to help them go after the President and First Son.

Well, Attorney General Merrick Garland called their bluff and did just that yesterday.

Now the Republicans are mad all over again saying this is just a coverup and an attempt to “whitewash” the corruption in the Biden family.

They reserved particular venom for the prosecutor that Garland chose to oversee the investigation saying he was “absolutely unacceptable", even though he was a Trump appointee.

I think they'll always be mad at something as long as they're not in power.

Apparently it's just good politics, whereas working on substantive issues in a bipartisan way is not.

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