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THEY SHOWED 'EM....8/9/23

Anti-abortion activists had no idea of the level of fury and political might that would be unleashed by their opponents after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Yesterday’s defeat of an attempt to curtail the ability to make changes to Ohio’s Constitution failed in a landslide. The measure would have required a threshold of 60% rather than the current 50% + 1 for any voter initiative to succeed.

This vote was staged for one reason - to make it far more difficult for the big one to pass this fall - enshrining the right to an abortion in the state.

But get this - Republicans in the state voted last December to abandon August elections saying they were too expensive and there was too little interest.

That is until they realized that a referendum would be on the ballot this fall to overturn the state’s highly restrictive abortion policies it passed soon after Dobbs was decided.

So they reversed course in May and decided August elections were worthwhile after all because they wanted to make an end run around the fall initiative.

Now after losses in other states, Republicans are facing multiple “come to Jesus” moments as they grapple with the reality of deciding whether or not to join the majority or eventually lose their seats.

If they want to retain power, they have no choice.

The women have spoken.

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