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The new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, has come up with the dumbest (and sickest) idea ever to have come out of the chamber.

He wants to send money to Israel to help fight its war, but he wants to offset those funds by diverting $14.5 billion that was given to the Internal Revenue Service through Biden's 2022 Inflation Reduction Act to help bust wealthy tax cheaters.

But here's the thing....IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel said that by doing so, it would actually leave $90 billion on the table by letting the rich off the hook. The agency has already started going after the oligarchs and boy are they pissed.

Historically emergency funds have not been tied to reductions elsewhere because of their urgent nature, but in this case Johnson found a clever way to reward Republican billionaire donors.

Some estimates are that up to $1 trillion in taxes goes unpaid each year, mostly by wealthy individuals and corporations.

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01 nov 2023

MAGA. The Gift that Keeps on Giving... more money to the Grifters.

After Grover Norquist, what else would one expect from casting at Con Artist Reality Show Central, especially after Wilbur Ross, Steven Mnuchin and Betsy DeVos?

Me gusta
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