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TO BE OR NOT TO BE....9/8/23

I’ve often wondered why it is that really smart people can sometimes be really dumb at the same time. Tommy Tuberville, the famous football coach turned Republican Senator from Alabama, seems to be one such person.

He has now single-handedly held up over 300 top military promotions, which in turn have left 3 branches of the military without their leaders.

The brass is pissed. As a result, our national security is now in jeopardy.

Tuberville wants the military to stop reimbursing female soldiers for expenses who have to leave the state for an abortion if the procedure isn't available where they’re stationed now because of Dobbs. 40% of the 80,000 women on active duty are affected by these restrictions.

So to make a point, this man-child is putting our country at risk and he doesn’t seem to care.

But that’s not all. In a recent interview the Senator lashed out at “wokeness” in the military saying that “we’ve got people doing poems on aircraft carriers over the loudspeaker.”

So I'm saying to myself, "WTF is wrong with that?"

Maybe it's because the only four presidents in history who have had poetry read at their inaugurations have all been Democrats who've never had their heads smashed at a football game, but instead studied literature.

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