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TOKE UP AND VOTE....9/1/23

Joe Biden is scared to death of drugs, partly because his son was an addict for many years.

Being an old school guy, he lumped the dangers of marijuana in his mind right up there with LSD, fentanyl, heroin, and coke - all classified as Schedule I drugs.

Pot has also been labeled a Schedule I substance by the Federal Government for decades, meaning it is supposedly dangerous and has no medicinal use, which is absurd. Over 50 million people have used it in the past year here in the US.

Now it appears that politics is winning the day with his proposal that marijuana be moved to a Schedule III category, vastly diminishing the legal impact on users.

While it’s a huge step forward toward sane drug policy, proponents of further change argue that Biden ought to go all the way and recommend removing weed from the Controlled substances Act altogether.

But at least in the meantime, he can kill 2 birds with one stone - move closer to full legalization and get a bunch of votes from younger people and progressives at the same time.

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1 Comment

"Two birds with one stone..." I see what you did there.

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