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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Trans people have become the latest punching bag for Republicans looking for a scapegoat for their incompetence at legislating. They've always dabbled in dividing us by waging so-called "culture wars", but now in Kansas, they've gone nuclear with the passing a bill that goes beyond other "bathroom bills" that have been enacted in other states by prohibiting transgender people from entering any single-sex space that does not match their sex at birth. It's the first bill of its kind in the country and Governor Laura Kelley has vowed to veto it. Supporters of the bill say it's designed to protect women.

Ok, so let's say a person who wants to follow the law was born female (but transitioned to male years earlier) walks into the women's restroom at the mall to pee. He's sporting a full beard, he's got tattoos up and down both his muscular arms, his voice is low because of his hormonal treatments, his breasts are gone, and by all outward appearances is a male but he's missing a dick.

One of the women in the bathroom freaks out and calls security. Officers come rushing in and force the poor man out of his stall before he's even had a chance to relieve himself.

Meanwhile this poor guy is humiliated, embarrassed, and perhaps even wet his pants from the ordeal, and all he was doing was quietly trying to obey the law.

Was that woman who called the cops being "protected"? Of course not. This kind of legislation makes no sense whatsoever and only further discriminates and terrifies the vulnerable.

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