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Project 2025 is a 920 page document prepared over the last year by 400 leading conservatives outlining changes that the next Republican administration can use to eliminate recently established green power programs along with dismantling the so-called “administrative state”.

A list of 20,000 ultra-conservative candidates are suggested for key roles to implement these changes should their guy win.

This transition calls for blocking any solar or wind energy additions to the electrical grid, it would eliminate funding for the EPA’s environmental justice office, it would close the renewable energy offices at the Energy Dept., it would disallow states to follow California’s aggressive car pollution standards, and it would turn over regulation of industries that pollute to local Republican officials - to name a few.

The authors of the paper call it a “battle plan” with laser-like precision that will be enacted during the first 180 days of the next Republican presidency.

This is nothing more than a massive effort to protect the fossil fuel industry which funds conservative’s election and re-election campaigns - ironically published during the hottest month ever recorded in human history.

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