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I like routine - almost every morning I take the same walk - down the driveway, right on Maxwelton, left on Craw all the way to the end with a swing through the county park, and then back again. Most of the time I listen to podcasts or talk to people on the phone. Rarely do I just walk and enjoy the scenery, but when I do, it's a pleasant reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful spot. I hardly ever encounter any traffic - especially on Craw - but when I do, most people acknowledge my presence.

My walk is the thing I most look forward to every day and if I happen to miss it for some reason, things don't quite seem to go quite as well that day. I guess you could say it's my spiritual practice.

I carry the same cane I made for my dad out of a beautiful hardwood sticker many years ago after he broke his leg by stepping in a badger hole on one of his own pasture walks. I'm often reminded of him and his quiet demeanor despite his internal rage that often flared up before he was sedated as a result of depression.

So there we are - me and Dad - finally spending the time together that eluded us when he was alive and not just a wooden memory.

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