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Parents use strollers all the time to move their kids around. If they’re hauling 2 or 3 of them, these carts can approach the size of Volkswagens by the time they’re loaded up with all the paraphernalia that goes with placating youngsters.

All this makes sense.

But then strollers have taken another leap in the last few years and it’s not uncommon now to see people rolling their dogs or cats down the sidewalk in custom made carriages while passersby fuss over the critters in high voices wanting to pet them.

Many of these pets seem perfectly capable of walking on their own, so what’s up with holding back their exercise? If they’re handicapped, well….that’s another story.

Now things have gone a bit too far. You can actually purchase a plant stroller! Yes, you can get a cart designed specifically to take your favorite plant out with you on your walk. It seems that some people love their plants so much they simply can’t be without them.

I’m guessing that there are folks who feel compelled to pet the mobile plants as well, especially if they’re cute.

But that’s not all.

There are now strollers for chickens, complete with a little feeder, a water bottle, and a nest in case the hen has an urge to lay an egg during the outing. Chickens apparently love to be petted too.

OK, this one is over the top. One guy has even designed a stroller to carry his goldfish in a clear tank, mounted on wheels, and with a handle to navigate the terrain.

Wait….can you pet a fish?

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